Are Embellished Jeans in Style 2024?

When we talk about fashion trends, it's clear that what goes around comes around. One style that's making a notable comeback in 2024 is embellished jeans. These statement pieces, adored for their ...

How to Embellish Jeans? - Grace In LA

To create stunning, embellished jeans, gather these materials: a pair of jeans (mid-rise bootcut jeans are perfect), embellishments (rhinestones, studs, patches, embroidery threads, beads), fabric ...

Style of the Week: FLARES! - Grace In LA Jeans

Flared denim is here! This season's trend is great for adding length and accentuating curves. This silhouette is sure to keep your closet fresh. Here are some of our current favorites!  

Grace in LA COVID-19 Update

  We want to thank you for your support and shopping with us during this unprecedented time. We are a family owned business and haven't been immune to the effects of this virus. We are still op...

Style Guide

Our denim is known for its great fit and we want to find the fit that works for your body and makes you feel your best! Check out this guide to find style details.

Easy Fit? Junior Fit? What’s best for me? - Grace In LA Jeans

Grace in LA Jeans is known for their beautiful pocket designs and exceptional comfort. So you might ask, what makes Grace in LA Jeans so comfortable and easy to wear? The answer comes down to the ...

Happy New Year from Grace in LA

Thank you all for the support as we open our shop back up this new year! We have some exciting things in store for you and bringing you new styles to feel your best! Here is a printable calendar to...

Hey Boo! 👻 Dress Up Your Grace Denim!

    Dressing up not your thing? Don’t worry. We’ll show you how to put together some great and easy at-home Halloween costumes with your favorite pair of Grace in LA jeans.     ...